LiliLite is a genius solution for your bedside pile of to-be-read books. An incredibly pretty bookshelf, bookmark and reading lamp all in one.
— Huffington Post
Here’s a brilliant little piece of industrial design: Amsterdam-based Thijs Smeets has carefully considered the way people read in bed, and devised the LiliLite to meet every need within that seemingly simple act.
— Core 77
This is probably the most ingenious design when it comes to reading lamps!
— Coolest Gadgets
This is a great solution for small bedrooms!
— Apartment Therapy
The exhibition of LiliLite in our New York pop-up gallery was great, people loved it.
— Wired Magazine
We really love LiliLite and we would like to sell it in our museum store.
— MoMA, New York
If the point wasn’t that LiliLite is such a great space saver, I’d get three.
— Dwell
We have been using LiliLites for years now, and we still love them!
— Raoul Cremers
Navigating the nightstand obstacle course - book, lamp, and water glass - all too often ends in a destructive inundation. Seek higher ground with the LiliLite: pull your book from the wooden peak to turn the lamp on. Set your tome back down and it’s good night, light. The other end stores that copy of Gravity’s Rainbow you’re still pretending to read.
— Wired Magazine